Preparing for a photoshoot can be stressful. There are a ton of details to consider, including what you're using the photos for, what look or style you're going for, and how to get your skin looking amazing.
We've compiled some best practices from our experience that should make things easier:​​​​​​
Arrive with hair styled and ready to go. Please bring a comb or brush if you need one. If you're in need of a hair cut, please arrange for it at least 3-4 days prior to the session. If you're prone to oily skin, please bring some blotting sheets to take out the shine.  Teeth whitening strips are also helpful if that is something you are concerned about, but this can be fixed in post. If you have facial hair or nose hairs, please have them groomed as you'd like them to appear in your photos.
Once you know what you're trying to accomplish with your headshots, it should be easier to decide if you want them in color or black and white. This will help narrow down your wardrobe choices, too—and also determine if you need to do anything special for hair or makeup and whether or not there's any special equipment that might be necessary. 
How will you be dressed? To show off your shape or hide it? Will you go casual or dress up? Do you have the right clothing and accessories to pull off a look like that? Do they fit properly or do they need a little tailoring so they don't look baggy or ill-fitting? You should know this before the shoot.
One often overlooked preparation is skin care. A light exfoliation 2 days prior to the shoot will get rid of some dead skin and clogged pores that may not look apparent in the mirror but may look more obvious in high resolution photos. You'll want to do a little light skin care two days prior so your skin has time to relax and clear after any exfoliation. It's best to avoid an oily or red face. 
Don't worry about blemishes or pimples. I can provide a light skin retouch and remove minor blemishes. My rule is if it won't be on your face in 2 weeks, I'll remove it. Scars and freckles are naturally occurring and are part of the unique character of faces so I leave them unless instructed otherwise.

Hydration and rest is key! Being well hydrated and well rested will keep eyes bright and skin clear.
Remember this most important tip! Relax, have fun, and let's have a great shoot!
Here are some helpful videos to help you pose and prepare for your session!
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